Why a Merchant Cash Advance Is Helpful for Credit Problems

At Brickstone Funding Solutions, we understand that many businesses, of every size, have credit issues. If this is the case for your company, know that we’re happy to work with you to provide financing that is comfortable. We don’t look at credit problems as something that should define you forever. They’re simply another obstacle to overcome on the road to fantastic business success. One amazing tool for rebuilding credit and avoiding debt is a merchant cash advance. Here are the benefits:

No Risk

You don’t need any collateral to qualify for a merchant cash advance. There’s no risk of equity loss to worry about. We don’t require you to put your livelihood at stake to get the financing you need for a healthy business. We prefer to stand by your side and get you on your feet again.

No Debt

One of the biggest advantages of MCA financing is that payments are deducted automatically from your credit card sales. These payments are percentage based, which means it’s impossible to have additional debt from the merchant cash advance. If you have a great month, you’ll pay off the MCA loan faster, but slower months don’t put any extra pressure on you.

Since a merchant cash advance is based on your credit card sales, the application process is simple. You don’t need perfect credit. Approval goes through quickly for most businesses. Get started right away.